May 1, 2020  |  Diversity Digest

APIDA Heritage Month Succeeds Despite Pandemic

Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) Heritage Month, nationally recognized in May, celebrates the collective accomplishments, stories and experiences of those from Asian, Pacific Islander and Desi heritage.

Nov 9, 2018

Faculty Salary Equity Study Shows Continued Improvement, Isolated Gaps

NC State's 2017 Faculty Salary Equity Study study showed that as of fall 2017, median salaries for underrepresented minority, Asian and female faculty for most ranks in most colleges were estimated to be between 95% and 105% of their reference groups.

Apr 19, 2018

APIDA Heritage Month Continues to Grow and Expand

Along with the spring breeze came the flavors of Asian street food from the Asian Night Market in Talley Student Union's Mountains Ballroom, bringing attention to Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) Heritage Month at NC State from March 15 - April 15, 2018. For the third year, NC State celebrated this Heritage Month with efforts from Asian student organizations and support from campus offices, extending the observance from one week to a full month. Additionally, events to celebrate the Desi American population added a new dimension this year.

May 11, 2015

Staff Diversity: Connecting with NC State

At the May, 2014 meeting of the University Diversity Advisory Committee, Chancellor Randy Woodson made the observation that staff were not as connected to the university as he would like them to be.