Andy DeRoin to Serve as GLBT Center Assistant Director

Andy DeRoin

Effective August 1, 2019, Andy DeRoin will serve as the new assistant director of the GLBT Center.

DeRoin most recently served for four years as program coordinator in the center after earning a master’s of social work at NC State, a bachelor’s in psychology at the University of Iowa and serving as a literacy tutor for AmeriCorps in Wayne County, North Carolina in between. As a graduate student, DeRoin interned with the North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition to advance harm reduction strategies across the state and U.S. South. 

DeRoin’s interests include curriculum development, advocacy and strategic planning, as well as educating about identity labels for gender and sexuality.

Over the past four years, DeRoin, who uses they, them and their pronouns, helped launch the GLBT Center’s Volunteer, Internship and Practicum (VIP) program for students, worked on the gender-inclusive restroom mapping project and continued the GLBT Center’s archiving project. DeRoin also served as facilitator and/or organizer of several student groups, including T-Files, NC State’s transgender peer support group.

More recently, DeRoin has been a frequent workshop facilitator, contributing to the GLBT Center’s recognition as a winner of the Commitment to Social Justice Education award at the American College Personnel Association Conference in March 2019. The award recognized NC State’s GLBT Center for being “pioneers on campus shifting their work from non-discrimination to anti-discrimination” and for continuing to work for social justice on campus and in the NC State community through its GLBT Advocate Program.

Instrumental in managing the day-to-day operations of the center after the departure of both the former director and assistant director last year, DeRoin took on multiple instructional, programming and leadership responsibilities until a new director could be hired, proving indispensable to the smooth running of the center and the fulfillment of its mission.