Three Students Featured on Talley Stairwell Boards

Talley Student Union view from elevator

Students walk on campus by the Talley Student Union. Photo by Marc Hall

Lauren FreyTake a look at the electronic billboards on the spiral staircase that connects three of NC State’s campus community centers in Talley Student Union. Three students who are active in the centers are currently featured.

Lauren Frey

Lauren is a volunteer at the Women’s Center.

“I love the work that the Women’s Center does and the people I meet through the Women’s Center’s programs. It’s my favorite place to go between classes. The workshops we do on healthy relationships or bystander behaviors and the mentoring services we provide to young students in Wake County complement my academic work in women’s and gender studies. I’m so thankful to have found my niche on campus.”

  • Majors: Environmental Sciences and Women’s and Gender Studies
  • Year: Junior
  • Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Activities: Women’s Center volunteer, Movement peer educator, Read to L.E.A.D. mentor

Miranda DiSanti

Miranda is a volunteer in the GLBT Center.

“The GLBT Center gives me a place to go to study and see friends on a daily basis. They also provide many resources and have such great, supportive people working there. It’s just an awesome place to be.”

  • Majors: Political Science with a concentration in Public Policy
  • Year: Sophomore
  • Hometown: Bailey, North Carolina
  • Activities: President of PLEASE, active member of GLBTCA

Jasmine Cannon

Jasmine is a volunteer in Multicultural Student Affairs.

“MSA has provided me with many opportunities to develop as a leader, to develop lasting relationships with people that look like me, and connect with my culture. I appreciate the space and its meaning for the campus community, as well as the professionals that work there.”

  • Major: Women’s and Gender Studies
  • Year: Senior
  • Hometown: Paulsboro, New Jersey
  • Activities: Afrikan American Student Advisory Council vice-chair, peer mentor, Symposium counselor, Kwanzaa participant