Valerie Ball, NCBI Team Member Since 2001

Belltower with NC flag on right

NC State Belltower, Fall 2010

Valerie BallThe Digest recently interviewed Valerie Ball, a staff member who has served on NC State’s National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI) campus affiliate team since 2001.

Q: What is your position at NC State?

I currently serve as records manager for the Health Information Management Department at the NC State Veterinary Hospital. I’ve been here since October 1, 1991. Before that, I worked at the Virginia Tech VA-MD Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in the same type of position.

Q: How long have you been involved with NCBI and in what roles have you served?

I have been involved with NCBI since its inception in 2001 as a Train-the-Trainer participant, team member, and associate director.

Q: How do you think the work of NCBI has affected the large number of participants at NC State who have taken an NCBI workshop, as well as the NC State NC Team?

Based on feedback from participants, it is apparent that this workshop facilitates a level of engagement and participation that is unique for this type of training.  It is not a lecture format and it is the sense of community that evolves and develops as participants learn more about themselves and others. This training also equips participants with some new skill sets that foster leadership development and conflict resolution. Institutional change results from individuals’ skill development, both collaboratively and together in teams. Participants readily notice the practical aspects that can serve them well in the work setting, home, school and family.

Team members evolve from workshop participants. We believe in the work and impact this training has on individuals. We can see tangible proof when the training principles are incorporated in the Wolfpack community and hear testimonial stories that have changed peoples’ hearts and behavior ….sterling qualities for any WolfPack community member.

Q: Why do you feel the work of NCBI is important?

The work is important for the community! Culturally competent people create a safe environment where all are welcomed, respected and have an opportunity for personal and professional growth.