D.E.W. May be Over But Continue Your Diversity Education!

Belltower with NC flag on right

NC State Belltower, Fall 2010

NC State’s 6th annual Diversity Education Week came to a close on Friday after over thirty events, with nearly half of those events organized and hosted by student organizations. We asked some Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity staff members for their thoughts on the week and the impact it made on campus.

Garry Morgan, associate director of diversity programs, stated, “With a record number of events this year, the depth and breadth was quite amazing.”

Dr. Tracey Ray, assistant vice provost for student diversity, stated, “We were so glad we could be at the vet school, Centennial Campus, and main campus for events this year. The response from the vet school and Centennial was so enthusiastic that we will do more there next year. The student engagement was fantastic, not only in participation but from student leaders who organized and led the programs. The response and program content this year made me proud to be a member of the Wolfpack.”

Leni Crook, university program associate in the Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity (OIED), said, “All the events I attended were very professionally managed and executed. Fabulous!”

O’Licia Parker-Smith, second-year communications major and OIED intern, reflected, “At the 1490 Who? event I learned the label ‘Indian’ was a concept created by the Europeans, not what their culture is rooted in. It is important to learn not just about your culture but other cultures to gain cultural competence and grow as a person of knowledge and empathy.”

Regarding the “Diversity Dialogue: The Identity Compass” workshop, Parker-Smith continued, “Sometimes when talking about the various identities you have, people might not know what to say, but you can always let your presence be known. That’s what I appreciated about the Diversity Dialogue. Standing with people who have the same or even different identities as you but have the same values attached to them speaks volumes toward understanding and gaining appreciation.”

Make sure to continue your diversity education by seeking out programs year-round!