Equity for Women Award Recipients Announced

Belltower with NC flag on right

NC State Belltower, Fall 2010

We congratulate the following recipients of this year’s Equity for Women Awards. Read excerpts from their nominations on the Council on the Status of Women website.

Karen Daniels

Faculty: Karen Daniels

Congratulations also to the other nominees: Nancy Allbritton, Maxine Atkinson, Laura J. Bottomley, Jo-Ann Cohen, Carolyn Dunn, Joy G. Gayles, Jon Rust and Paola Sztajn.

Tiffany McLean

Staff: Tiffany McLean

Congratulations also to the other nominees: Jenna Hartwell, Erin Robinson and Katherine Titus-Becker.

Lauren Frey

Student: Lauren Frey

Congratulations also to the other nominees: Jasmine Cannon, Katherine L. Cassidy, Renee Jones, Justine Schnitzler and Carson Shepherd.

Dan Solomon

Lifetime Achievement Award: Daniel Solomon

Betsy Brown





Special Recognition: Betsy Brown

These awards were presented at the NC State Sisterhood Dinner, held on Monday, February 23, 2015 in Talley Student Union. See the full Diversity Digest for this article and more.