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GLBT History Month

LGBT History month started when Rodney Wilson decided he wanted to be inclusive with his curriculum and educate his students about the legacy of the LGBT in 1994. This month was chosen because of the second march on Washington for Gay and Lesbian rights, which was later celebrated as National Coming Out Day on October 11. Join us at NC State as we celebrate our GLBT community.

Additional Support

For 2020, during COVID-19 and during this fight for racial justice and accountability, GLBT History Month is an opportunity to take stock of where we are as a campus in serving our LGBTQIA+ students, especially our queer and trans students of color. To start this effort, the GLBT Center would like to invite you and your college to engage in the 2020 Project SAFE Ally Training Initiative.

The average percentage of Project SAFE Allies across all colleges is 9.01%. Our goal is for each college to have 25% of all faculty and staff be registered Project SAFE Allies. This goal was chosen as a stepping stone to a more explicitly visible and affirming campus. To achieve this, individual faculty or staff members must attend Project SAFE Ally training and then register as a Project SAFE Ally at the end of the course.

Are there individuals in your college who have completed the Project SAFE workshop, but are just now ready to become Project SAFE Allies? They can fill out this form and we will process their digital placard as soon as possible.

If members of your college are looking for additional educational engagement opportunities, they can join the GLBT Advocate Program or GLBT Student Advocate Program. These are annual continuing education programs where participants agree to attend one workshop and one GLBT Center event per academic year.

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