Students in front a mural that says Take Flight


Give back to the GLBT Center

When you give to Student Centers within OIED, you impact the entire campus community. Your partnership gives us the ability to facilitate efforts to ensure equity and opportunity, increase awareness of diversity issues through education, and strengthen relationships across diverse groups.

Support the GLBT Center

The GLBT Center is committed to pursuing equity in resources and high impact programming for or students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

In giving to the GLBT Center, you will be helping us with being able to bring in renowned GLBT speakers, providing students with the opportunities to participates in local and national conferences, and funding for alumni gatherings.

Here are just a few goals your gift helps accomplish. Through giving, we can:

  • cultivate a community in which individuals demonstrate respect toward one another;
  • facilitate campus efforts to increase participation, retention, and success of students, faculty, and staff from historically underrepresented groups;
  • ensure that NC State is an equitable and inclusive environment, one that is free from prohibited discrimination and harassment;
  • provide effective awareness and enrichment programming to the NC State community;
  • and provide a unified, campus-wide approach to ensure that students, faculty and staff learn and work within a campus defined by the best practices in equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Give by payroll deduction:

NC State Employees may use the Payroll Deduction Form.