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The Equal Employment Opportunity & Diversity Fundamentals course (EEODF) provides managers, and supervisors with practical training that will assist them in becoming more effective in their positions in an increasingly diverse workforce.

Equal Employment Opportunity & Diversity Fundamentals Training

The Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity (OIED) recognizes that supervisors and managers have crucial responsibilities in their positions. Part of this role involves upholding Equal Employment Opportunity laws and NC State’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Per N.C.G.S. 126-16.1, each State agency, department, and institution shall enroll each newly appointed supervisor or manager within one year of appointment in the Equal Employment Opportunity training offered or approved by the Office of State Human Resources.

The training will include case studies, effective hiring practices, rights and responsibilities, and inclusive practices to help you work more effectively with a diverse workforce.  EEODF is provided by the Office for State Human Resources (OSHR). The classroom portion of EEODF is also available through the Equal Opportunity and Equity unit (EOE) of the OIED and you can sign up in REPORTER once you have completed the other prerequisite requirements identified by OSHR for the EEODF course.

EEODF is separate and distinct from other trainings facilitated by the EOE.

EEODF Training Objectives

The EEODF training is designed to:

  • Address and discuss the history and evolution of Equal Employment Opportunity concepts and principles.
  • Assist managers and supervisors to incorporate their Equal Employment Opportunity responsibilities with other management responsibilities.
  • Expose managers and supervisors to workplace equity and fairness issues.
  • Review and discuss accepted management practices for valuing and managing diversity in the workplace.
  • Provide an understanding of how diversity can increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Empower managers and supervisors to remain adaptable and flexible to meet the challenges of an ever-changing and more diverse workforce.

More information can be found in the State Human Resources Manual’s Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity Fundamentals Policy.

EEODF Program Requirements

In order to complete the EEODF requirement, you must follow the progressive steps as identified by OSHR.



Managers and supervisors must first register and enroll in the EEODF training available through the NC Learning Center

For more information and assistance with registering, please review the EEODF Registration Quick Reference Guide.


Online Modules

Participants will need to complete the following online modules and pass the final assessment with a grade of 70% or higher within three attempts.  The following is an overview of what is covered in each module. 

  • EEODF: Module 1 – History and Law
  • EEODF: Module 2 – Americans with Disabilities Act
  • EEODF: Module 3 – Legally Defensible Hiring
  • EEODF: Module 4 – Unlawful Workplace Harassment
  • EEODF: Module 5 – EEO and You
  • EEODF: Module 6 – Diversity and Inclusion


Interactive, synchronous classroom course

After the online modules have been completed and users have passed the final assessment with a score of at least 70%, participants will be able to register for the final program requirement: an interactive, synchronous classroom course available online or in-person. The course is offered through OSHR and NC State. Users can register for the classroom course offered by OSHR via the NC Learning Center portal.

In addition to several EEODF synchronous course offerings available through OSHR, the EOE also hosts this classroom portion several times per year for NC State employees. Dates of the NC State-led EEODF sessions as well as more information about EEODF training sessions can be found on REPORTER. To register for the EEODF classroom training at NC State, please email your name, employee ID number, a copy of your EEODF online module completion certificate, along with your preferred training date and time to to be enrolled. 

For any questions about EEODF with NC State, please contact EOE by phone at 919.513.0574 or by email at