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EEO and Affirmative Action

NC State University is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer.

As required by law, NC State complies with affirmative action activities and reporting as put forth in Executive Order 11246: Equal Employment Opportunity.

Affirmative action in employment involves the active recruitment of qualified underrepresented populations, including the public advertisement of jobs in non-traditional venues. Organizations may set goals to diversify their workforce by a certain date to encourage managers to make concerted efforts to cast a wide net in favor of qualified minorities and/or women. Although such measures are often confused with “quotas,” the “goals and timetables” specified in Executive Order 11246 do not mandate the hiring or promotion of a specific number of minority or female candidates. Quotas are not legal and are not part of affirmative action.

NC State recognizes that the recruitment, hiring and retention of a diverse workforce are essential to the university community. Learn more about “Promoting Diversity in Hiring.”

NC State Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Plan

The development and implementation of NC State’s Equal Employment Opportunity Plan (also referred to as the Affirmative Action Plan) is vital to the strategic advancement of diversity and inclusion at NC State. Beyond the legal obligation to develop an EEO Plan that includes workforce analysis, availability data and placement goals for women and minorities, an annual review of university hiring practices and processes is widely regarded as a best practice to ensure the recruitment and selection of diverse qualified individuals.

Unit EEO Action Plans and Progress Reports

It is the responsibility of the unit equity officer (see below) to develop and implement a Unit EEO Action Plan for the college, division or department to which they are assigned. These plans must be vetted through senior leadership within the college, division or department and reviewed and approved by the Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity.

Designated personnel from each NC State college and division are assigned to submit an Affirmative Action Status Report on an annual basis to report on their unit’s action plan progress for the preceding year. Plans are due annually by June 1.

Unit Equity Officers

Unit equity officers are senior level faculty or administrators who regularly interact with other senior leadership within their division or department. The officers are leaders within their college or department who are or have access to the primary decision-makers and hiring officials and who influence the hiring and recruitment processes. Officers also communicate with hiring officials and search committee members regarding process requirements from an equal opportunity perspective and review and approve interim reports and hiring proposals in the PeopleAdmin system. Officers provide hiring officials and search committees with information, tools and document reviews to promote equal opportunity within the hiring process.