Cape Town, South Africa
Hosts Gender Summit 5

Dr. C. Ellen Washington of the Women's Center Presented
C. Ellen Washington was invited to present at the Gender Summit 5 in Cape Town, South Africa on April 25-29, 2015. The Gender Summit platform was introduced to the continent by a partnership of regional research funders led by the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC). Partners in South Africa included the Department of Science and Technology, the Department for Women and the National Research Council, as well as Howard University, USA.

The GS5-Africa was received with enthusiastic response from all the participants, who welcomed the idea of applying the gender lens to improve research and development outcomes and the idea that actions must be evidence-based and consensus-led. The event attracted energetic interest from South Africa’s media, with many speakers invited to take part in TV interviews and radio call-in programs.

Dr. C. Ellen Washington

Dr. Washington's presentation focused on "Women of the African Diaspora in STEM Leadership." Women of the African diaspora represent one of the fastest growing and richest pools of untapped talent in the academic STEM disciplines in the United States. The urgent need for widening their rates of participation in STEM is fueled by projections that global labor markets will require greater expansions in science and engineering than in any other sector in the 21st century.

There is also a need to cultivate the kind of talent in these fields that possesses an affinity for and cultural sensitivity to historically underserved communities. However, in U.S. institutions of higher education, women of color remain underrepresented in STEM. Recent evidence suggests that the retention of more women faculty and administrators of color would provide the kind of same-gender/same-race mentoring that could not only redress these trends, but also yield strong psychosocial support, better career outcomes for minority women students and global equity.

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Dr. C. Ellen Washington is the assistant director for leadership and scholar in residence in the NC State Women's Center. For more information, please see the Women's Center website.