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Equal Opportunity Institute Graduates Record Number

Award-Winning Program
Celebrates 15th Year

Congratulations to our 2013-14 Equal Opportunity Institute (EOI) graduates. April 24, 2014 marked the graduaton of the15th EOI class. Fifty-eight faculty, staff, and students each participated in at least 20 hours of workshops on topics focusing on equal opportunity and diversity. The program ran from September through April with participants completing individual plans of coursework based on personalized goals. Participants finished the program by submitting a final reflection journal summarizing the knowledge and skill gained through participation in the EOI. Comments from participants included:

“I must admit, I learned way more than I had planned on learning.”

“Beyond my initial goals to accept viewpoints I would normally dismiss immediately, I have learned to go far beyond this. I have learned to treat people fairly, accept different opinions and judgments, and see beyond the surface layer.”

“The workshops have taught me to see a particular situation and analyze it from different angles.”

“As a result of EOI, I have learned better ways to address situations between coworkers, as well as valuable resources to which I can direct students when needed.”

“The number one new skill I have gained is confidence. I have the confidence to be a leader against oppression and discrimination.”

Dr. RaJade Berry-James, associate professor in the School of International and Public Affairs and OIED faculty liaison, shared motivating comments with graduates. Graduates each received a framed certificate and a special gift. Student participants received cords to wear at their NC State University graduation ceremonies. Special Recognition Graduates (participants who completed more than 29 hours of workshops) were recognized with special seals on their certificates. The program also recognized Graduate Scholars, who are EOI Graduates who returned to continue their learning about equity and diversity.

2014 EOI Graduate Scholars

Suzanne Martin, Ana McClanahan, Wanda Adams, Donise Terrell Benton, David Churchill, Laura DeFreitas, Tyrone Fisher, Marcelle France, Jacqueline M. Gadison, Elizabeth Jones, Seprina Justice, Magnolia Lugo, Gene Melton II, Janell Moretz, Adam Poplin, Terry K. Price, Gary Wayne Tew, Angela J. Ward

2014 EOI Graduates

Patti Leandra Baynes, Taylor-Elise Beauprez, Brinnae Bent, Ashley B. Clayton, Teresa Cunningham-Brown, Kaitlyn Fussell, Jared DeMent Husketh, Laura Jennings, Darren Lipman, Wesley Lo, Alexandra Macchi, Patrick McLain, Mary C. Medina, George Ayioka Onsando, Kurt Saenger-Heyl, Cara Scheil, Catie Trimble, Rebecca Waggoner, Sheree Avent, Stella M. Carrington, Nikki M. Cofield, Dare Cook, Solitaire J. Davis, Robert Davis, Heather A. Davis, Rebekah Dunstan, Jason Dye, Courtney Hamilton, Jenny Vera Jensen, Jim Klingler, Jane Matthews, Roy A. Michaelsen, Jeffery R. Morales, Kim Outing, Troy Pinkins, Lisa Schabenberger, Michelle Trajanovska, Sandra Vieira, Jefforey Williams, Sarah Wright

2014 EOI Graduates with Special Recognition

Deanna Knighton, Olivia M. Reeser, Nicole A. Thomas, Theodora Ashie, Bryan C. Botts, Tremaine Brittian, Tammy Marie Bullock, Erica Braman Cutchins, Abinadi Ehrisman, Anza M. Harker, Deb Luckadoo, Jussani McKoy-Brown, Claudia Ann Mello, Shannon Plummer-White, Suzette Walker, Natasha Wenberg, Katherine Wilson, Deidre P. Yancey

Applications for the next class of EOI will be available in August/September of 2014. Visit the EOI website for more information.

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