OIED Faculty Liaisons Conclude Productive Year

by Dr. Marcia Gumpertz
Kudos to the 2014-15 OIED Faculty Liaisons for a very productive year! The Faculty Liaison program supports faculty initiatives related to diversity. This year the initiatives have included incorporating values of inclusivity and diversity in departmental planning, piloting a “search like a coach” program to prepare researchers of the future, working to make NC State the university of choice for Hispanic/Latino students in North Carolina, establishing the Indigenous Collaborative on Education, Research and Service, creating a diversity giving circle to increase the number of new sponsors of NC State’s Diversity and Equity Fund, evaluating the impact of NC State’s family-friendly policies and evaluating the impact of course interventions on students’ stereotypes of scientists.

OIED 2015 Faculty Liaisons

Five of the faculty liaisons have worked within their departments to catalyze discussions about how the department’s operations and presence reflect the department’s values and goals with respect to diversity and inclusion. They are: Robin Abrams, professor and head, School of Architecture; Joel Ducoste, professor of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering; Wendy Krause, associate professor of Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science; Thomas Schaefer, Distinguished Professor of Physics; and Mary Wyer, associate professor of Psychology. They have worked to develop concrete and realistic department-level plans, including developing language for their department websites, defining departmental hiring and graduate student recruiting priorities and drafting inclusive language for their departments’ mission statements.

See the OIED website for the rest of this article. We thank all the diversity liaisons for their contributions to NC State!

Dr. Marcia Gumpertz is assistant vice provost for faculty diversity. For more information about OIED's faculty initiatives and programs, please see the Faculty Diversity website.
Lavender Graduation Honored GLBT Grads and Allies
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Lavender Graduation certificate and rainbow mortarboard tassel

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