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Faculty Fellowship Program

The work of the African American Cultural Center (AACC) is in part to cultivate a space for critical examination and exploration of African American diasporic cultures. The African American Cultural Center Faculty Fellowship Program (FFP) was established to support scholarly projects by NC State faculty that share this work.

FFP is a semester-long fellowship that provides each fellow with research support and collaborative workspace. Fellows are expected to give one public talk about their research and attend other research talks in the faculty fellowship series.

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Dr. Gloria AndersonLet’s Talk About ACP: An African-American Spiritual and Ethical Approach to Healthcare Decision-making and Advance Care Planning Program.

Dr. Gloria Anderson comes to NC State after teaching at The University of North Carolina at Pembroke for the past three years. Her expertise is in human development, grief and loss, healthcare equity and cultural diversity. She has published and presented locally, regionally and nationally on these topics.


Acknowledging the racial disparities in healthcare decision-making pertaining to advance care planning, Dr. Gloria T. Anderson introduced the Let’s Talk about ACP program. Her critical analysis of the program allows us to gain a deeper insight into how the healthcare systems equip African American pastors and faith leaders to educate and empower their congregants in healthcare decision-making related end of life care options. Hoping to serve as a test workshop, The Let’s Talk About the ACP program addresses this critical health equity issue within a sample population in an African American church.

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Dr. Jason Coupet“Communicating and Learning from HBCU Successes with Benchmarking Science.”
Jason Coupet Presentation (via PDF)
Q&A with Jason

Dr. Jason Coupet is an Associate Professor of Public Administration at NC State. Jason’s Ph.D. is in Strategic Management from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and his BA in Economics from the University of Michigan. His research interests include strategic management, Data Envelopment Analysis, performance measurement, organizational economics, research methods, and the political economy of organizations.


Jason Coupet’s research titled, Communicating and Learning from HBCU Successes with Benchmarking Science, engages with HBCUs to dispute the idea that Historical Black Colleges and Universities are homogenous; on the contrary, it’s the differences among Historical Black Colleges and Universities that serve as a source of strength and influence for institutional success.

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Francine OttFragile
Q & A with Francine

Francine Elizabeth Ott, a native of New Orleans, is the newly appointed NC State Dance Program Dance Lecturer who serves as the artistic director of the Panoramic Dance Project. Francine received her B.F.A in Dance from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and studied at many dance intensives, including the American Dance Festival and Jacob’s Pillow, where she received scholarships. She has worked, studied and danced with Camille A. Brown and Dancers, Ronald K. Brown/Evidence, A Dance Company, Brian Green, and Tony Kundu among others.


Ott’s film “Fragile”, focuses on women of color and how trauma has affected their bodies, voices, relationships, emotions, artistry and more. This artistic experience is a seed to be planted in the soil of one’s healing journey. The work would amplify growth through a soundtrack of healing through the voices of students, as well as music.

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Dr. Terrance RuthImpact of Virtual Communities and Culture on the Perception of Race: Western Contextual Examination of the Evolution of Racial Prejudice.

Dr. Terrance Ruth is an Education Consultant and former Administrator for Wake County Public School. Dr. Ruth is the former AMIKids Infinity Wake Principal. Also, Terrance held a Research Assistant position at the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation at North Carolina University. Terrance earned his Ph.D. from the University of Central Florida in the College of Public Affairs. Terrance’s research interest includes the theoretical areas of Globallity and Structuration with a focus on future projections in cultural perceptions.


In his talk, Dr. Ruth explores the paradigm shift that can occur when virtual communities intersect with race and introduces the embedded theoretical underpinning of racial and placed-based prejudice.

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